Two Poems – Paul Perry


You get off the train
in another no-where town
and are welcomed home.

The wind leads you
to a road and you start
to walk.

Where you came from
is no where like this.

A man is pushing
a bike. He tells you
the rain is on its way,
but you don’t see.

He offers you
a place to sleep.

You keep going
to where there are fields.

Not far from a river,
someone is calling out.

A woman is standing in
the doorway of a house.
She sees through you.

In her silence,
there is something
of a promise,

which suggests
you could
if you wanted
become again
the person
you wished to be.

You can hear the voices
of children,
their laughter.
You can choose to walk on.

You’ve been travelling
a long time.

Before you speak
the first words of the day
you can rest.

The world is waking.
And the morning is welling onto your lips.

Say something.
You can still be healed.

On The Way To Three-Rock

What it was that lead me
through the fields and into forest
I can’t say, but whatever it was
it felt like a compulsion;

in other words, I had no choice
in the matter. This may have
happened before, but somewhere else.
In the forest there was the dense

smell of pine, underfoot the crunch
of kindle and out of it like smoke
rising from a dead fire
came the fluttering of birds and

their voices above me in the trees.
Suddenly I was there in the clearing,
high up, watching a boy pitch a tent
and a girl watch him. They fumbled

together in the dark, they held
each other like first-time lovers.
They did not see me; I was not
to be seen. Besides what would

I have said  to myself: that the mist
in the morning will be cold and
the moon, it will stay
hanging in the sky at least until dawn?

Paul Perry is the author, editor and translator of several books including ‘The Drowning of the Saints’, ‘Goldsmith’s Ghost’, and ‘The Orchid Keeper’. ‘The Last Falcon and Small Ordinance’ appeared from The Dedalus Press in 2010. Based in Dublin, he teaches for the Creative Writing Programme at Kingston University, London.


About thefiendjournal

I was born in Blackpool, England and am currently based in Lancashire. Poems have been published in magazines in the U.K, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A and South Korea. A pamphlet; "MMV", was published in 2008. Hundreds of poems have been written in draft form, and multiple books are being planned and edited for future release. As well as editing 'The Fiend' I translate, paint and dabble in photography (images of which have occasionally been used here).
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