On Microbes and Adders – Will Alexander

In response to utopian intellectual labour conservative rejoinder attempts to answer its energy according to portraits of constraint, according to honoured reputations in the canon. The latter, always holding up the inert, like the weight of hardened rum obstructing collective neurology.

will-art1_0So in order to de-solidify this rum one must begin to ignite a curious ether of scars across the rote of the canon. And we know that this rote befits conventional blinding as it trajects across the given. And this given, pervasively stratified, is always cauterized against transmixture. Living thought becomes penalized by citation, by rhetoric which ceases merging by contradiction. Never a burning hand or a spider which heats up the pores of glaciation. At another remove, by each utterance, one ignites by insidious remark, thus a wave of unseasonable motion is engendered, an untoward momentum, ceasing to be claimed by low custoidial procedure. One then rises above the critical foyer scattered as it is with old psychic tin.

For the creator, health in such circumstance means insolence, means unsullied perspective. For instance, as a practitioner of language, one spontaneously emits signs which confirms the state of the infidel. One is then accused of creating characters, or individual lines clouded by the power of misnomer. According to the afore- mentioned critics the text or book in question remains oceanic without contextual tremor. So those who comment by their skills through sanctioned stationary arcs, such texts are atrocities, posturings, created in principle by syllabic distortion.

Critics in this sense function as watchdogs of order, microbes if you will, filled with claims against a pantheon of adders. These adders being practitioners who reek of the ardour of Artaud, who smell of the seasoning of Cesaire, who have  abandoned the West to seek the ritual of biography ala Leiris, or embrace the Afrocentric angles found in Lamantia. To a diurnal mind these are examples which remained housed in a mysterious feral quarter bereft of procurable password.

So by prevailing in felonous code, the atmosphere shakes, the relevance of the Greco-Roman is abducted, then linear circumstance demurs. The classical survey then lists itself as non-example, as starch which oozes from a valueless pendant. It can be said in conclusion that new ferment claims and reclaims the ferocious, remains a trangressive adder, always breathing by insidious observation, by taint as mutative evolvement.


Will Alexander is a poet, novelist, essayist and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Visit his full bio, under the submission: ‘from Two Books of Aphorisms’


About thefiendjournal

I was born in Blackpool, England and am currently based in Lancashire. Poems have been published in magazines in the U.K, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A and South Korea. A pamphlet; "MMV", was published in 2008. Hundreds of poems have been written in draft form, and multiple books are being planned and edited for future release. As well as editing 'The Fiend' I translate, paint and dabble in photography (images of which have occasionally been used here).
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