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Reading Rosemary Tonks

The main duty of the poet is to excite — to send the senses reeling — Rosemary Tonks Clearly I missed something. Bloodaxe’s collection of Rosemary Tonks’s Collected Poems and Selected Prose; Bedouin of the London Evening has been out … Continue reading

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Only the Gods Can Save Us; Jason Reza Jorjani’s ‘Prometheus and Atlas’, A Footnote

A somewhat belated link to my Counter-Currents review of Jorjani’s Prometheus and Atlas, available here. I also thought to provide a speculative footnote to that text, and will return to these topics of myth — particularly in relation to Tsarion’s … Continue reading

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Manchester and Wyndham Lewis

I have been back in England a month now, and thought to write up my visit to the IWP North‘s exhibition of Wyndham Lewis, titled Life, Art, War. It would be best to preface this summary of my feelings here by … Continue reading

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