The Fiend is edited by Aindriú Ó Domhnaill, and is an online wordpress journal whose main emphasis is on poetry, translation, critical prose, and visual art, or photography (in pretty much that order) from any global location, and any epoch. It accepts unsolicited work in any of these arenas, and was conceived in 2008 as a dual printed publication and online features collection for new talented writers to find their feet and/or become more acknowledged, or for established writers to find new audiences, and is now wholly an online publication.

The title of the journal is meant as a half-nod to S. T Coleridge’s short-lived 19th Century magazine The Friend (and the protagonist of Milton’s Paradise Lost). The ‘r-lessness’ of this venture, regarding the former, being an ironic gloss on the notion that the best friend is the friend one is wholly unprepared for, and is initially likely to demonize.

Perhaps the most important feature of the site is that it is run on a voluntary basis as a community project, and is beholden to no government or institutional funding, and thus has absolutely no ‘line’ regarding submissions beyond the personal likes and dislikes of the editor. This ‘community base’ is not only spiritually useful but hopefully integral to the overall artistic vision of those wishing to contribute to it.

We pay small negotiable amounts to contributors, or in books and favours, through our publisher: Open Season Press. All submissions and enquiries to andrew.odonnell.osp@gmail.com (poetry submissions; a maximum of 4 A4 sheets in word attachment, and with a paragraph of bio please. Unsolicited articles and other work; a maximum of 4,500 words). Please email for our snailmail address if you intend to send books for review, and any other correspondence.

NOTE: Please click on the toolbar titles of each piece to see the layout of each piece as it was intended by the editor. Punctuation, capitalization and spelling, to a degree, is unique to each contributor (although viewers are encouraged to leave comments on problems of grammar and meaning if they feel there have been mistakes in proof-reading). This site is edited in Mozilla Firefox, thus viewers using other browsers may well have problems reading the material. For permissions, please credit your quotations with the name of this journal site, the site URL and/or a link to the relevant page, in order to bring more people to these pages. For anything more detailed, or for the use of longer sections of text, please contact the editor by email.


2 Responses to About

  1. Hi,
    I just read the translations of Pasolini at

    Is it your translation, am I right?. May I quote it in an article?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

    • Francesco, massive apologies for getting back so late on this! Use what you like by way of quotations but please credit The Fiend, just so we can bring more eyes to these pages, thanks.


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