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In Defence of Pound’s Propertius – Mark Wilson

Although Ezra Pound’s Homage to Sextus Propertius was written in 1917 it would not appear in print until the publication of his Quia Pauper Amavi in 1919 where it elicited, in the main, negative reviews and controversy. Classical scholars scornfully … Continue reading

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Madness in Art – Prose by César Vallejo

A few abstract theodolites. The Mad Salon. A Chronicle of favourite pastimes. Art among the mad, or the mad in art. The opinions of two great French Psychiatrists. Thoughts written in the margin of insane pictures. The fatal breakdown of … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered Poem of Fernando Pessoa’s Caeiro

I enjoy heaven because I don’t believe that it’s infinite. With me there is no beginning or end. I don’t believe in the infinite, I don’t believe in eternity. I believe space starts somewhere and ends somewhere And that this … Continue reading

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‘A Masterly Demonstration of Public Health’ – César Vallejo

My memory of just how much took place in the Hotel Negresco in Niza is very clear. But, strange as it seems, to give an account of what happened there, is absolutely impossible for me. Countless times I’ve wanted – … Continue reading

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‘New Poetry’ – Prose Fragment by Cesar Vallejo

The title new poetry has been granted to those verses whose lexicon includes the words: cinema, motor, horsepower, aircraft, radio, jazz-band, wireless communication, and, on the whole, to all those who give a voice to science and contemporary industry, even … Continue reading

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Late Article by Pier Paolo Pasolini – “Is this a Military Coup D’Etat? I Know…”

[This prose journalism was written in Italy’s “Corriere della Sera” (a major left-leaning newspaper) on 14th November 1974. Pasolini died just under a year later, on 2nd November 1975. The mystery as to the motives behind his murder, and those involved, … Continue reading

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Versions of Rimbaud’s “L’Orgie Parisienne” and “Le Dormeur du Val”

Translations from the French by Andrew O’Donnell The Orgy O cowards, here we are! Vomited out into the stations! The sun, with its burning lungs, turning arid along the streets where the night brims with barbarians. Here is the martyred … Continue reading

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‘108 Moons’ – Jurga Ivanauskaitë

translation from the Lithuanian by Ruta Suchodolskyte and Paul Perry. I live as if swinging on the tongue of a bell sometimes hating myself loudly sometimes loving myself quietly ~ 108 moons stiffen in a rosary falling stars stick in … Continue reading

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Making Strange – A Note on Translation

When one language is pressed into another through translation, or the effort at translation to get meaning across, the result is often a vivid or poetic phrase. This happened often with the students I taught in Mexico. Take one student’s … Continue reading

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from ‘Sensitive Poems’ – Alan Mills –

Translations from the Spanish by Andrew O’Donnell and Michael Lee Rattigan It’s necessary to see, to use no material stranger, thus, if we want to speak of children burst open against the trees, it will be necessary to say it … Continue reading

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