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Towards an Interdimensional Poetics (Part Two)

Premonition of this Philosophy, this Poetics… Staffs 1996 We must have been studying Descartes’ Meditations… and I was still in the first full-blown emanations of ‘finding philosophy’ so I probably adhered to what Descartes’ thesis was attempting to teach us, … Continue reading

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Towards an Interdimensional Poetics (Part One)

Being a Response to ‘The H.D Book’ of Robert Duncan, Amongst Other Things “Matter?? Where’s it coming from?” -Withnail and I, Bruce Robinson “La science, la nouvelle noblesse! Le progrès. Le monde marche! Pourquoi tournerait-il pas? C’est la vision des … Continue reading

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The Unleashment; ‘Ex Nihilo’ by Paul Stubbs, ‘Clarities’ by Blandine Longre

Black Herald Press 2010 Paul Stubbs introduces his new long poem Ex Nihilo by explaining that “this is a poem of a poem happening, with the very first ‘form,’ a creation ‘felt’ by me into existence.” Indeed, the poem, as … Continue reading

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Late Article by Pier Paolo Pasolini – “Is this a Military Coup D’Etat? I Know…”

[This prose journalism was written in Italy’s “Corriere della Sera” (a major left-leaning newspaper) on 14th November 1974. Pasolini died just under a year later, on 2nd November 1975. The mystery as to the motives behind his murder, and those involved, … Continue reading

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The Death of the Gods – Review of ‘The Icon Maker’ by Paul Stubbs

by Andrew O’Donnell, Dec 2010 The journey of Paul Stubbs’s second book of poems The Icon Maker is the journey that awaits us on the other side of our conventional religious and atheistic faiths, it is a book that deals … Continue reading

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Dante’s Inferno – A New Bilingual Edition

Translated by J.G. Nichols and published by OneWorld Classics   An article on a new reissue of Dante’s Inferno seems, at first, to be redundant in two senses; firstly one might presume that, with the multitude of translations already offered … Continue reading

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Versions of Rimbaud’s “L’Orgie Parisienne” and “Le Dormeur du Val”

Translations from the French by Andrew O’Donnell The Orgy O cowards, here we are! Vomited out into the stations! The sun, with its burning lungs, turning arid along the streets where the night brims with barbarians. Here is the martyred … Continue reading

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from ‘Sensitive Poems’ – Alan Mills –

Translations from the Spanish by Andrew O’Donnell and Michael Lee Rattigan It’s necessary to see, to use no material stranger, thus, if we want to speak of children burst open against the trees, it will be necessary to say it … Continue reading

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A House for the English Mythologies; Review of ‘Blood/Sugar’ by James Byrne

This almost-recent release of James Byrne’s new book follows on from Passages of Time, released seemingly many moons ago, although it may be worth stating that ‘follows on from’ gives only partial illumination on what Byrne is up to these … Continue reading

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The Metaphysical Squinting of the Psyche of London; Five Journal Entries in Lieu of a Review of Niall McDevitt’s ‘b/w’

1 On a press not very familiar to me (and therefore immediately intriguing) comes a rather large form book of poems named simply b/w (Black and white? An associational obsession with Blake? The curtness of an abbreviation? A mystery skirted … Continue reading

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