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Newly Discovered Poem of Fernando Pessoa’s Caeiro

I enjoy heaven because I don’t believe that it’s infinite. With me there is no beginning or end. I don’t believe in the infinite, I don’t believe in eternity. I believe space starts somewhere and ends somewhere And that this … Continue reading

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Envisioning the Velvet Underground – Mark Wilson on Jeremy Reed’s ‘Black Russian’

Black Russian – Out-Takes from the Airmen’s Club 1978-79 Jeremy Reed (Waterloo Press, 2010) The poet Jeremy Reed is something of an anomaly. On the one hand he has deliberately fostered his own populist cult-of-personality by being an inimitable performing-artist … Continue reading

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‘A Masterly Demonstration of Public Health’ – César Vallejo

My memory of just how much took place in the Hotel Negresco in Niza is very clear. But, strange as it seems, to give an account of what happened there, is absolutely impossible for me. Countless times I’ve wanted – … Continue reading

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The Unleashment; ‘Ex Nihilo’ by Paul Stubbs, ‘Clarities’ by Blandine Longre

Black Herald Press 2010 Paul Stubbs introduces his new long poem Ex Nihilo by explaining that “this is a poem of a poem happening, with the very first ‘form,’ a creation ‘felt’ by me into existence.” Indeed, the poem, as … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Anticline’ by Clayton Eshleman

Anticline Clayton Eshleman Black Widow Press, 2010 – 181 pages Clayton Eshleman is one of America’s most pivotal visionary poets writing today, a word-creator and a language inventor whose work has delved deeper than nearly anyone else into the strata … Continue reading

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‘New Poetry’ – Prose Fragment by Cesar Vallejo

The title new poetry has been granted to those verses whose lexicon includes the words: cinema, motor, horsepower, aircraft, radio, jazz-band, wireless communication, and, on the whole, to all those who give a voice to science and contemporary industry, even … Continue reading

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The Death of the Gods – Review of ‘The Icon Maker’ by Paul Stubbs

by Andrew O’Donnell, Dec 2010 The journey of Paul Stubbs’s second book of poems The Icon Maker is the journey that awaits us on the other side of our conventional religious and atheistic faiths, it is a book that deals … Continue reading

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The Mirage of Poetic Evolution in Britain Since Eliot

by Paul Stubbs (article first published in 3:AM magazine, August 2009, re-printed here with minor amendments) When does poetry begin to capitulate? turn back in on itself? When it fails to assimilate the new, the foreign, when in the words … Continue reading

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‘The One Rule is Never to Fall in Love’ – Niall McDevitt

In this secret world, caught between the confusions, my superiors have made me feel too self-important, underpaid but with theoretical blank cheque in the cosmos within the country within the city. In the circus of deception the audience faces the … Continue reading

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The Alchemy of Love – Guido Cavalcanti; Then and Now

Complete Poems – Guido Cavalcanti translated by Anthony Mortimer, OneWorld Classics, 2010. Cavalcanti Poems (1912) in Translations of Ezra Pound, Faber, 1953, 1984. Guido Cavalcanti should be a household name in the canon of world poetry. He was Dante’s ‘first … Continue reading

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